Thanksgiving with the friends…


Hey Everyone!

Here is the list of food. I’ll update it as I get in items from people πŸ™‚ If you commit to something – please try to make that dish and not something else. I’m sure we’ll all agree that what makes thanksgiving awesome is all our favorite foods!! Depending on the number of people – if anyone feels like getting two things feel free.

Thanksgiving Food Items

1.Turkey of course:- Nick (yey)

2. Pumpkin pie:- Soheil.

3. Mashed potatoes:- Rosa

4. Muffins: Ashley

5. Cranberry Sauce: Isabel

6. Corn:- Rosa

7. Gravy:- Nick

8. Sweet Potatoes: Isabel

9. Sparkling Cider

10. PecanΒ  Pie:Β  James & Kristal

11. Stuffing.

12. Dressing?

13. Veggie Casserole:- Ashley F. (broccoli & bean)

Total # of people attending: 11

(Ashley, Joey, Lewis, Rosa, Einar, Isabel, Nick, Dio, James, Kristal, Soheil)


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with the friends…

  1. I will bring my stuffing (it usually has pork sausage in it, but I will make a small one without sausage for Sohiel and anyone else who doesn’t it eat pork)

    Josh said he may make a dessert and the sparkling cider.

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