Flickr sometimes overwhelmes me…

I love Flickr, really I do. But sometimes I get on it and start looking through people’s photostreams and get totally lost! A lot of them are just so beautiful I don’t know where to begin! (Or End.) Anyone else feel that way?

That said – I can’t keep my eyes off of these three images from artist Mindy J. Some of her stuff is so dreamy and I really wish she sold some prints. I guess that’s the other disappointing thing… most of the stuff I see I’d like to purchase and it’s not for sale. Ughh! Oh well… I guess posting it on my blog is all I can do for now. Enjoy friends!


9 thoughts on “Flickr sometimes overwhelmes me…

  1. hello Ashley, I’ve found your blog through “blogging your way” … I understand about being overwhelmed by so much beauty around, it’s dazzling but so inspiring and soothing as well …

  2. ohhh, wow, yes that’s paris like i love it! thanx for posting it + how funny: see you tomorrow in byw-class! @flowing moments: see you tomorrow too!

    • You’re so sweet little bro 🙂 I’m working on it! I think that if you were to take anything from it – maybe some way to include more of the scenery around the cars in addition to the car itself? I know that has to be hard sometimes 🙂


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