Some Outdoor Living Space Please….

The esposo and I have a great screened in porch off of the kitchen that I love to sit outside in during the Summer. I’ve been tackling other rooms in the house and now my eye is set on this one. Right now – I’m trying to find inspiration b/c I’m a little confused as to what I want to do… My parents gave us some wicker furniture so I’d like to recover/paint it so it looks new… just not sure on the colors. Usually after I’ve gathered research – I can see a color scheme forming.

Domino Mag Outdoors

Domino Mag 2

Most of these images I found are from Domino. I wish daily that that magazine was still in circulation. Sigh….




3 thoughts on “Some Outdoor Living Space Please….

  1. First time poster, long time reader….

    I’m liking the pic with the black/brown wicker, green topiary, and light brown accent pieces. Oh, and I love the table in the pic below it. One day I will own a table like that! That is my personal taste. However, I see you as the pic immediately above mine. It’s a kitchen, but it has modern cool colors, accent warm orange, and then there is the chandelier (that is totally you). It’s like modern meets eclectic. That’s how I described your house to Kevin….

  2. I like the top two in the bottom image. That looks kind of like your space already too! The floor on the top one would be impossibly hard to accomplish, and hard as heck to keep clean.

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