Etsy: Wreaths

With Christmas and New Years long gone now – my outside door feels strangely empty. What to do? Well what about a year round wreath?







I’ve learned that a year round wreath is kinda hard to come by. I like the bird one a lot but am worried about what the elements might do it.

Does anyone else have any front door decoration ideas? Something you’re doing now that looks cute?

Chau! Happy Friday!!


2 thoughts on “Etsy: Wreaths

  1. I love the first wreath, it’s very springy (something I never thought I would say about a wreath). I wish I had some ideas for front door decorating, right now mine is just plain jane and bare.

  2. Yeah, I have a vine wreath that stays up year round. I decorate it depending o the season or holiday. Right now it is completely bare and looks like winter, but not on purpose! I am trying to come up with something for Valentine’s, but I really haven’t focused one ounce on it…

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