Blog Self-Portrait

My throat hurts! Oww…. went to the doctor today and turns out I have some kind of viral infection. Fun! Anyway – I’m on meds now and am hoping for a speedy recovery.

I took some time today after I got home to put together my homework for week three of my blog course. It’s sort of a self-portrait of what our blog is supposed to be about. The fun part is that I don’t realize what exactly is going to make it onto the design or not. So my final elements pleasantly surprised me! It’s a little travel, a little photography and a lot of home-made. We were supposed to use a manila folder but I always jot stuff down in my sketchbook I keep handy and decided that would be more appropriate for this. Enjoy!

A self-portrait

A few details if you’re interested:

1) The handwritten letter is from my step-mom Mignon. She has given me some of the best letters and puts so much thought into them.

2) The sketches are some quick ones I had lying around. The colored costume is a concept I was working on for a Mad Hatter costume… more burlesque though 🙂

3) The pad of paper to the right is an old exposure recording notebook my Mom gave to me when I was first learning about cameras.

4) Colored pencils are my quick medium of choice when I’m sketching out an idea or drawing. They’re always lying around on my desk.

5) The photographs are from various places I’ve been. The coins are also from different travels.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s folders!


29 thoughts on “Blog Self-Portrait

  1. I see all the travel,photography and a lot of home-made. I love your sketch. I will have to see some of your posts and what else your up to. I love colored pencils too. Lovely~ all the yummy details. ~Theresa

  2. Hello there BYW classmate!
    Ashley, this came out great! I love the mauves and green splashes combined with all the black and white text…I haven’t started mine yet…but am really inspired by what everyone is doing so far!

  3. Hi Ashley, I love what you’ve put together…!!! I like the costume too. I really do get a good sense of where how you’d like your blog to be. Thank you for sharing and hope you get well soon! Wini (BYW)

  4. Beautiful as always! I thought I recognized that costume sketch! Hopefully more of that to come! I think the camera is working very nice for you!! 🙂

    • Thanks for all the comments everyone!

      @Yelhsa: I think I will put more sketches in my blog – everyone seems to like the little one in here 🙂

      Yes – I’m luving my camera 🙂

  5. Oh Ashley, that moodboard is so lovely!
    I’m homesick too today. Also throat hurts… Do you drink sage-tea (hope that’s the correct name…)? That works perfectly for the pain… And of course making a Moodboard. Loved doing it. Have never done one before, but love it! (if you would like to see mine too, click here: )
    Get well soon!
    xo, Steffi

  6. I love that your board is in your notebook, with pencils and so many layers. It feels like you really pulled from your life, and your life is infused in your blog. Great photos too, I really like the angles & detail shots.

  7. Ashley, as you can tell by all the comments your board is gorgeous. I especially love how you shot it and the quality of light -really fits the essence of all your treasures that you have shared. Readers like myself, love seeing these inspiring pieces of people’s lives… all the tokens of beauty that you have decided to keep with you. I really love this and I hope you do more.

  8. I want to step inside your moodboard, it’s wonderful! I love the typography and sketches. It’s such a cool montage of things you love and enjoy…and it comes together in such a cool way. Just love it!

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