Decor Ideas: Fireplaces Faux and Real

I have a lovely blank wall in my living room.  Yes – completely empty of any focal detail what-so-ever. If you ask my friends they’ll tell you I’ve been talking about a fireplace mantle ever since we bought the house. I keep running around to antique stores but I can’t find the right one. They’re either too big, too old, or even too new! I’ve been collecting some images of fireplaces to give me some idea of styles, what to put in front of them, and colors.

Here’s my little collection so far… I’ll post some more as I have them. I keep thinking I should just ask my dad to help me make one – he’s awesome when it comes to making things.

Image Credits: Most of these are from the late Domino Magazine. The other’s I just have in my collection. If anyone can give proper credit or knows where some of the others are from, please let me know! Thanks!

Did you see the fifth one down? I would love a fireplace in my kitchen. *melt!*

Best wishes!



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