Loving Industrial Lighting

I’ve been looking for something to put over my dining room table. Below is a recent picture of our dining room with the less appealing light fixture. Please don’t mind the photo quality! It was taken during a party. I was telling a story about how I was recently propositioned at a car wash… ughhh!

Ashley Fleishel kitchen

Me in yellow. Hubbs in the white sweater. Isn't he cute?

I wanted a chandelier to replace the current fixture but then I thought that would make the space too formal. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of the (what I’m calling) American Industrial. Some options I’ve seen:

Industrial Pendant

Images from: Desire to Inspire.com

I’ve been shopping around for them and they were a little hard to find… here’s a few for you though!

Pendant Choices

Too many choices...

1. Anthropologie – $248
2. Pottery Barn – $99
3. West Elm – $99
4. Pottery Barn – $129
5. Pottery Barn – $200
6. Anthropologie – $248
7. West Elm – $89

Which one should we get?? Do you all have any other stores you’d recommend?




4 thoughts on “Loving Industrial Lighting

  1. Hey!
    I like option number 3! It’s my favorite number, it’s the neatest looking light, it’s cheaper than the other options, it would nicely mimic the little circles of your window treatment! But it is my favorite number! 🙂 Then again, you could hang 3 of them together at varying heights (not cheap now) and it would look like an awesome showpiece!
    I saw in the paper that the Home Depot Expo Design Center is closing (soon if not already) and they are selling their lighting 40-70% off. Might be worth a look!

  2. Oh, the Design Expo site says it is closed, but it was in the paper this past weekend, so the actual stores might still be trying to sell everything. I don’t know where it is located, but Kevin’s parents would and I will ask if you want me to. I think they were going to try to go to it sometime….

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