Project Sunday : February

Sorry this post is so late but I wanted to show you guys what projects Julie and I have been working on. These pictures are from Month 2 of “Project Sunday”. We’re thinking of doing two Sunday’s a month (so much to do!) but more on that later…

This is Julie. She has many "roles"... my co-worker, project buddy and craigslist spouse.

Julie painting chairs... I was taking a bre-- taking photos to document the different projects... hehe

This past “Project Sunday”, Julie and I tackled painting over her green marble fireplace with a product called “Gripper” (you can find it at Home Depot). We got the can of white instead of gray but I’m sure either works. Anyway – it went on great and was super easy! The only issue we had was that some staining from the marble was coming through the paint a little so after the Gripper dried, we painted over those spots with some heavy duty Kiln’s. That seemed to do the trick and we finished it off with some interior white paint. It looks so classy now don’t you think?

Doesn't the new paint look nice? What you can't see is the green marble from before... yup, green!

You’ll notice some blue and green tape on the yellow bookcases in the background. We were trying this new tape for painting called Frog Tape. Supposedly, it’s supposed to prevent the paint from being pulled up after it dries (you all know what I’m talking about, pain!). It definitely didn’t pull up but neither did the tape! We’re going to give it another go to see if there’s some kind of finesse to pulling it off the wall properly.

Well, till next time!



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