Sope Creek Photo Day

These are some images I took (well – except for the one with me in it… my mom took that) from this past weekend. My mom, brother, and I always were talking about going out together so I decided we should go to the ruins at Sope Creek for our first “photo outing”. It was a lot of fun and the weather cleared up for the few hours we were out šŸ™‚

Sope Creek Photography
Sope Creek Photography 2

The ruins are near Terrill Mill Rd in Marietta, Georgia. They are some of the larger ruins of creek mills in the area that you can climb in (and still feels like a secret hideaway). During the period from 1850 to 1940, a paper mill, twine plant, flourmill and hydroelectric power plant occupied the area about one mile long. If you haven’t been – I highly recommend a visit šŸ™‚

Anyone else do anything fun over the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Sope Creek Photo Day

  1. Love seeing your photos.. well except for the one that makes me look a lot over weight! I had a fun time with you both and hope we can make it out again soon!

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