Creative Date Idea: Glassblowing Class

This past weekend, Joey and I took a glassblowing class together. It was our first time and it’s a lot harder than it looks… mostly b/c the glass changes temperature so quickly and handles very differently depending on the temperature. We also didn’t know how certain twists/infusions would look after we were done. Anyway – I snapped a few photos with my camera of Joey and our instructor. I apologize for the quality – I was using my phone :p

This picture above was taken with the first dip into the glass “vault” (not the right term… but I forgot what the actual container is called) You have to keep turning the glass so it doesn’t fall off and end up on the floor…

This one shows Joey twisting the base layer of his glass piece. This is where he applied the colored glass to make the inside look more interesting πŸ™‚

This last one is our instructor showing us how to put the final shaping on the glass. We haven’t picked up our pieces yet but I’ll put up some pics of them when I get them from the studio this weekend πŸ™‚

Till then! ~ Ashley


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