Photo Prop Oldie or Goodie? Balloons!

I have a shoot coming up and I’ve been thinking location, props, etc… and it got me thinking about giant balloons. Are they over-used at this point? Or if cleverly placed, are they still ok?

So what do you guys think?

I’ll see if I end up using them or not… I have to locate them too – I don’t think they sell the large ones just anywhere. Anyway.. I’m off! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

~~ Ashley


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A little bit of everything

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Vintage Illustrations

Today I was looking online for some vintage animals to add to a centerpiece I’m planning for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  I wanted to print out some drawings, cut them out, tea-stain them, and glue them to sticks to pop out of the flower arrangements. Sounds cute right? Except I can’t find the right illustrations for what I want. I found these great vintage animals for $50 a piece…

No thanks….

My search led me to some other jems that I thought some people might enjoy.

So good news – I found some animal prints that will work from Vintage – I should have just gone there first!! Oh well – I’ll remember next time.

Till then,


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My brother has the best faces sometimes… 🙂

Taken from a shoot last month.


French Blog Hello Neest

I stumbled on this blog today – so bright and calming 🙂 I’m in love.

The kitty’s name is Pompon. How cute is he???

Check out the site:




Savannah Photo Trip {Part 2}

Here are some more photos from my Savannah trip this past weekend. Enjoy 🙂


Savannah Photo Trip {Part 1}

My brother James and I just got back from our trip to Savannah and I had a ton of pictures to go through. I love going through photos from a trip when I have time… and thankfully I did this time 🙂 Anyway – hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.


Off to Savannah!

My brother James and I will be going to Savannah GA tomorrow for a photography “journey” complete with warm weather, sun, and techno music for the four hour drive there and back. I’m glad we like the same stuff… 🙂

I’ll be sure to put up some photos when I get back! I really want to make a stop at the cemetery there and also shopSCAD.

Till then. ~ Ashley

Photo by me.