Daily Photo

Arthur the cat. Photo by me.

Art Prints

Well the update on the office is – nada. I ended up working on my kitchen and living room instead b/c we were having company over (the living room looks great)…. but I made no headway on the office. In fact, it’s now more junked up than before. I’m not looking forward to going through it but I will… eventually.

Anyway – I was looking at updating some frames this weekend and thought I’d purchase some photography since I seem to get tired of my own more quickly. I bought the first two below…

… and I’m still thinking about these other ones…

Antler drawing and flower photograph 4217

botanical no. 0006 limited edition numbered print

SALE - 40% OFF - If wishes were horses - A whimsical fine art carnival photograph

Cheap thrills - Fine art carnival photograph

I promise to upload some pictures soon! The living room really does look much better… even the hubbs liked it.

Have a great Monday!

~ Ashley

Snow Day 2010

This will mark the first snow day that I’ve been out to play with my camera 🙂 Enjoy… I tried so many times to get some glitter shots to show up but they didn’t… oh well.

I hope we have off again tomorrow. The snow doesn’t look like it’s melting.

Sope Creek Photo Day

These are some images I took (well – except for the one with me in it… my mom took that) from this past weekend. My mom, brother, and I always were talking about going out together so I decided we should go to the ruins at Sope Creek for our first “photo outing”. It was a lot of fun and the weather cleared up for the few hours we were out 🙂

Sope Creek Photography
Sope Creek Photography 2

The ruins are near Terrill Mill Rd in Marietta, Georgia. They are some of the larger ruins of creek mills in the area that you can climb in (and still feels like a secret hideaway). During the period from 1850 to 1940, a paper mill, twine plant, flourmill and hydroelectric power plant occupied the area about one mile long. If you haven’t been – I highly recommend a visit 🙂

Anyone else do anything fun over the weekend?

Helping at a Wedding

My Mom asked me to help out at a wedding she was photographing this weekend. I like helping and it’s fun for me to learn from her so I usually try to go. This time I was only able to stay two hours but it was such a nice group of people 🙂 I kept smelling all the red wine going around and so all I wanted for the next two days was a glass of cab! Anyway – here are a few of my favorite shots. My Mom let me use her new 50mm macro lens and I’m in LOVE with it! I’m going to go ahead and purchase the one for sale on Amazon this month.

The wedding was in this really cool old house in Vinings. The light was so dim it was hard to shoot and I’m sure I got a good amount of blurry images… sorry Mom! But thanks for letting me play.

~ Ashley

Photographer Claudia Uribe Touri

Thursday! Whew! The week is coming to a close. Start getting ready for the weekend everyone! I wanted to show you all a photographer who’s work I really enjoy… Claudia Uribe Touri

These are from her personal works:

And I couldn’t resist some of her food photography. I love all the colors!

Alright well… I’m off! Going to try and photograph some things around the house this weekend. Our dogwoods and azaleas are in full bloom and look so pretty 🙂

Till then,