Found it! The Perfect Diaper Bag

I’ve been on the hunt for a diaper bag that didn’t look like a diaper bag. I wanted something that would hold up to the wear and tear a diaper bag goes through without the plastic sheen of something you’d find at Babies R’ Us. I set about scouring the internet for either the perfect purse that would double as a diaper bag or maybe a designer diaper bag I could snag on ebay. I found a few that would have worked… but the price was either more than I wanted to drop or lacked the compartments I needed in a standard purse.

Enter the laptop bag.

I found this gem while perusing my local TJMaxx. It was instant bag love. Why hadn’t I thought about laptop bags before? They had a ton of my key features:

– Large Size (this one even unzips to expand at the sides if I wish)
– Looking for a little variety from everyone else’s Skip Hop baby bag
– Water resistant interior
– A few (but not too many) large compartments
– Able to hold up to heavier weights
– Comfortable straps

Not to mention the price was a steal at $24.99 (I had recently admitted defeat a on a Timi & Leslie diaper bag when the bidding match on ebay went over my $90 cap).

So there you go for anyone else who is frustrated by the diaper bag buying process – see if a laptop bag is where you need to be.

Bag: Bueno Collection