Loving Industrial Lighting

I’ve been looking for something to put over my dining room table. Below is a recent picture of our dining room with the less appealing light fixture. Please don’t mind the photo quality! It was taken during a party. I was telling a story about how I was recently propositioned at a car wash… ughhh!

Ashley Fleishel kitchen

Me in yellow. Hubbs in the white sweater. Isn't he cute?

I wanted a chandelier to replace the current fixture but then I thought that would make the space too formal. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of the (what I’m calling) American Industrial. Some options I’ve seen:

Industrial Pendant

Images from: Desire to Inspire.com

I’ve been shopping around for them and they were a little hard to find… here’s a few for you though!

Pendant Choices

Too many choices...

1. Anthropologie – $248
2. Pottery Barn – $99
3. West Elm – $99
4. Pottery Barn – $129
5. Pottery Barn – $200
6. Anthropologie – $248
7. West Elm – $89

Which one should we get?? Do you all have any other stores you’d recommend?




Decor Ideas: Fireplaces Faux and Real

I have a lovely blank wall in my living room.ย  Yes – completely empty of any focal detail what-so-ever. If you ask my friends they’ll tell you I’ve been talking about a fireplace mantle ever since we bought the house. I keep running around to antique stores but I can’t find the right one. They’re either too big, too old, or even too new! I’ve been collecting some images of fireplaces to give me some idea of styles, what to put in front of them, and colors.

Here’s my little collection so far… I’ll post some more as I have them. I keep thinking I should just ask my dad to help me make one – he’s awesome when it comes to making things.

Image Credits: Most of these are from the late Domino Magazine. The other’s I just have in my collection. If anyone can give proper credit or knows where some of the others are from, please let me know! Thanks!

Did you see the fifth one down? I would love a fireplace in my kitchen. *melt!*

Best wishes!


Blog Self-Portrait

My throat hurts! Oww…. went to the doctor today and turns out I have some kind of viral infection. Fun! Anyway – I’m on meds now and am hoping for a speedy recovery.

I took some time today after I got home to put together my homework for week three of my blog course. It’s sort of a self-portrait of what our blog is supposed to be about. The fun part is that I don’t realize what exactly is going to make it onto the design or not. So my final elements pleasantly surprised me! It’s a little travel, a little photography and a lot of home-made. We were supposed to use a manila folder but I always jot stuff down in my sketchbook I keep handy and decided that would be more appropriate for this. Enjoy!

A self-portrait

A few details if you’re interested:

1) The handwritten letter is from my step-mom Mignon. She has given me some of the best letters and puts so much thought into them.

2) The sketches are some quick ones I had lying around. The colored costume is a concept I was working on for a Mad Hatter costume… more burlesque though ๐Ÿ™‚

3) The pad of paper to the right is an old exposure recording notebook my Mom gave to me when I was first learning about cameras.

4) Colored pencils are my quick medium of choice when I’m sketching out an idea or drawing. They’re always lying around on my desk.

5) The photographs are from various places I’ve been. The coins are also from different travels.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s folders!

Getting My New Camera!

Well the day has finally arrived – I’m ordering my camera off Amazon tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ Getting the Canon Digital Rebel XS. I can’t wait to experiment with it and see what happens! Stay tuned for some (hopefully) inspired photographs from yours truly.

Also had another bit of good news – the hubbs and I were nominated for Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2010! How exciting huh? They were looking for a DIY wedding and ours got sent in! Cross your fingers it all works out! ๐Ÿ™‚



Projects, projects, projects…

A visit to Efe

Taken on my honeymoon in a wonderful remote town off the coast of France.

My friend Julie proposed that we put together a project list for the year and work through it together month by month. January is my month and I have about a week to get all the supplies I need to work! (we’re painting and finishing up some projects I haven’t done yet) Next month we’re painting at her place. I’ll be posting pictures for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s my projected list so far (which will change a bit I’m sure):

(1) Jan – Painting: last bedroom wall, porch door, paint spots in hall, hallway door.

(2) March – Painting: Porch Furniture (White), paint porch ceiling.

(3) May – Pull up old carpet on porch and recover/paint with new material

(4) July – Dig trench and plant bamboo in yard for screen.

(5) Sept – Make stone walkway/path around backside of house.

(6) Dec – TBD.

Whew! Going to be quite the project list! But I’m very excited I have someone to finish it with.



Image (C) Ashley Fleishel

Beginnings of 2010

Looking out my office window.

Staying Warm

I apologize dear blog for the neglect over the Christmas holiday. My job gave us almost two weeks off so I was busy sewing, painting, and drawing while I had the precious time available.ย  The new hubbs and I are going over to my parents for dinner soon so I have to make this a quick stop for now… just been thinking about my goals for the new year and projects I still haven’t completed! Today I’ve been running through a list of my resolutions for the early part of the year:

1. Find fabric and recover the sad little chair in my living room. (I got upholstery tools for Christmas yey!)

2. Play more with photography and start taking my camera everywhere with me.

3. Actually do something with the photos I take! Share them and don’t leave everything on the memory card…

4. Start a “reflections” series of photographs possibly incorporated with mixed media. I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s slowly formulating in my head.

5. Practica espanol mas. (Practice Spanish more.)

6. Follow through with what I say I’m going to do… limit who I say “yes” too.

7. Sign up for my 5Ks as they become available – I really enjoy running and I don’t want to miss out ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Zone out in interesting places ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok! Feeling good about this! Anyone have any similar items on their list?



(Photo by Ashley Fleishel)

Projects: Decoupaged Ceiling

It’s raining and cold outside here in Atlanta. Makes me dreamy for staying indoors with a project or two. Here’s the latest that caught my attention:

Spare wall/ceiling + lots of themed scrap paper + weekend= Decoupage Project!

Ceiling with Decoupage

Ceiling with Decoupage

I navigated my way to the web to find this project featured on Mr. Peacock. Basically it lists all the instructions/materials for adhering different images onto a surface. I’m thinking of doing something in my office however my problem lies in the fact that my walls are covered in wood panels… painted… but still wood. I’m afraid the ceiling would be too much. Maybe around my light fixture….

john derianโ€™s decoupaged entry hall from 1st dibs style compass

Here’s another piece of eye candy.ย  I guess this would also be a decoupage of sorts… or would it be considered wallpaper?

Quilting in the non-traditional

Wanting to do a little more research on modern quilting – I did some image searching online and here’s a little of what I found:

Interesting use of shape and form.

Love how the colors blend together.

Love how the colors blend together.

A quilt by Cherry Schacher

A quilt by Cherry Schacher

Loving the gradient...

Loving the gradient...