Found it! The Perfect Diaper Bag

I’ve been on the hunt for a diaper bag that didn’t look like a diaper bag. I wanted something that would hold up to the wear and tear a diaper bag goes through without the plastic sheen of something you’d find at Babies R’ Us. I set about scouring the internet for either the perfect purse that would double as a diaper bag or maybe a designer diaper bag I could snag on ebay. I found a few that would have worked… but the price was either more than I wanted to drop or lacked the compartments I needed in a standard purse.

Enter the laptop bag.

I found this gem while perusing my local TJMaxx. It was instant bag love. Why hadn’t I thought about laptop bags before? They had a ton of my key features:

– Large Size (this one even unzips to expand at the sides if I wish)
– Looking for a little variety from everyone else’s Skip Hop baby bag
– Water resistant interior
– A few (but not too many) large compartments
– Able to hold up to heavier weights
– Comfortable straps

Not to mention the price was a steal at $24.99 (I had recently admitted defeat a on a Timi & Leslie diaper bag when the bidding match on ebay went over my $90 cap).

So there you go for anyone else who is frustrated by the diaper bag buying process – see if a laptop bag is where you need to be.

Bag: Bueno Collection

Look around and you might see my bag!

For those who didn’t know already, I won 2nd place in Kroger’s Reusable Bag Contest. Here’s a link to the article here at the Marietta Daily Journal. Check out Kroger stores starting in April to see if you find my bag! Let me know if you do!

My design from the contest:

I’m working on a post soon for my mantle my dad and I are building. More to come I promise!