Project: Building a Fireplace Part 1

If you read this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been working on building a fireplace mantle with my Dad. Well it’s finished! I’m going to post the first section of the process here and then I’ll post the completed one in another post tomorrow.  So here we go!

Part 1: Building the frame and adding the panels.

My initial Sketch for the design and my Dad and Stepmom checking out the wood at Home Depot.

My sketch and photo reference for the mantle. I wanted mine kinda skinny since my living room isn’t huge. All in all – we spent about $130 on some really nice wood for the mantle. We got it cut down at Home Depot (they do it for free) so it would fit in the car and then we were off to get started!

The frame and the final product. And yes, I'm actually cutting stuff - I like learning how to work all the tools.

We slowly put the frame together – followed by the panels. Dad came up with a pretty ingenious way to showcase the joints by routing out all along the edges of the frame so the panels “rested” into them. The end result was some extra details in the design. The above shot was taken before we had the rest of the decorative trim on which you’ll see….. in the next post! We did some finishing nails to hold the panels in and wood glue for extra support.

Next up is part 2 with priming and distressing.

(Not sure how much you want to read on the details but I’m happy to answer any questions about what we did 🙂 )

Happy Tuesday 🙂


Beginnings of 2010

Looking out my office window.

Staying Warm

I apologize dear blog for the neglect over the Christmas holiday. My job gave us almost two weeks off so I was busy sewing, painting, and drawing while I had the precious time available.  The new hubbs and I are going over to my parents for dinner soon so I have to make this a quick stop for now… just been thinking about my goals for the new year and projects I still haven’t completed! Today I’ve been running through a list of my resolutions for the early part of the year:

1. Find fabric and recover the sad little chair in my living room. (I got upholstery tools for Christmas yey!)

2. Play more with photography and start taking my camera everywhere with me.

3. Actually do something with the photos I take! Share them and don’t leave everything on the memory card…

4. Start a “reflections” series of photographs possibly incorporated with mixed media. I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s slowly formulating in my head.

5. Practica espanol mas. (Practice Spanish more.)

6. Follow through with what I say I’m going to do… limit who I say “yes” too.

7. Sign up for my 5Ks as they become available – I really enjoy running and I don’t want to miss out 🙂

8. Zone out in interesting places 😛

Ok! Feeling good about this! Anyone have any similar items on their list?



(Photo by Ashley Fleishel)

Project Quilt : Getting Started

So my best friend politely pointed out to me that my latest mission (quilting) was something I had mentioned doing last year but never got around to. I have a love for blankets (there’s probably 4 in my living room alone) so naturally – why wouldn’t I want to make my own? After a recent visit with my co-worker to a cute little store called “The Red Hen” in Marietta, I was bitten by the quilting bug again. We had been searching for Amy Butler fabric and found out this shop was said to carry it. Well walking in – we found out the entire place was entirely devoted to quilting. The prices are decent (around $8 a yard) and – oh yeah – it happens to be on my way home from work. Score!

Arriving home, I did a little Google image search online for some ideas to get my mind working. I found a book called “Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts” and loved the cover. I have a pretty basic sewing machine so I knew I didn’t want to tackle anything with a crazy swirly pattern and I really like

Contemporary quilt that shouldnt be too hard on my machine

the modern look of this one. I decided to do a little mock up of some different color combos in photoshop and decided on a creme/gray-brown/purple combination. I already had a fabric in mind from my house that’s a crème shade so I wanted to design around that. Anyway – this should help me keep my scheme in mind when shopping for fabric. Next step will be shopping and some quilting how to homework.

Contemporary quilt that shouldn’t be too hard on my machine