Cabin Fever : Soft Interiors by Dave Coote

Gosh... did I tell you guys how much I love white subway tiles?

Hello Everyone. This is Dave Coote; interior designer, furniture maker, and photographer.

Mr. Coote, this is everyone. I’ve been meaning to make the introductions since last week but of course time got away form me. Sorry! Dave Coote is a furniture and interiors designer in the UK.  He has been running a successful design studio for nearly 20 years producing furniture, interiors, products and photographic sets.

Other news today? We had snow today again (wow) in Atlanta. I’m just ready for Spring!

Happy Tuesday!

~ Ashley


Pale & Interesting Jewelry Design

Pale & Interesting

Pale & Interesting - Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote.

Tuesday… whew! Glad the week is moving on. Still gray and cloudy outside so a little pick-me-up was needed.

Discovered this little online boutique shop today: Pale and Interesting. It features not only gorgeous furniture and home accessories but jewelry as well. Isn’t it so delicate and pretty? A little J.Crew I think… I found the site through Dave Coote – who’s photography made me weak in the knees. I’ll be posting some of his work tomorrow. For all you lucky people living in the UK, you can buy off the site. As for me… I’ll be gazing from overseas (I’m sure the shipping is pricey). Till then friends!


Etsy: vol25

Well I hope everyone else is having a great Friday. Mine is off to an interesting start! I lost control on some ice this morning and 360’d my way through some cars (didn’t hit anyone though). Whew! Anyway… I’d like to share the whimsical prints from vol25’s Etsy Shop! So cute and fun don’t you think? I love the range of type used… but then again I have a serious attraction to Typography!!


Hmmm... my fav is the clouds I think 🙂

Have a great weekend! — Ashley

I’m in Love…

…with this office space from LovelyDesign’s photostream on flickr. Check out the rest of her pics on her space – so lovely!

How does she get her kitty to pose so well for photos??

My dream work space....

Hmm…I think the Container Store and I have a date this weekend.

** Side note: If you haven’t been to the container store before and this room really appeals to you – you need to go!!!!!