Contrasting Trim on Light Walls

I’ve been looking at my collection of pictures in my design arsenal and they all have white walls (well 90%). It got me thinking – I have no white walls in my house, maybe it’s time to paint some! The only room I have complete (no husband interference) in is my office. To dress up the room a little I thought why not paint the trim a contrasting shade while I have the brushes out. So here’s some inspiration of what I’m thinking color-wise:

I’m also really into black and white stripe rugs for some reason. I’ll have to do a post on that later to show you what I’m talking about. Anyway – I’m off to Home Depot later to get my paint. Now that I’ve made up my mind on this one I’ll be looking at furniture finishes for my desk and chair project coming up.

Till then! ~ Ashley

Image Credits {1. S.R.Gambrel, 2., 3 & 4. Canadian Home & Garden, 5. Design Sponge

Project: Building a Fireplace Part 1

If you read this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been working on building a fireplace mantle with my Dad. Well it’s finished! I’m going to post the first section of the process here and then I’ll post the completed one in another post tomorrow.  So here we go!

Part 1: Building the frame and adding the panels.

My initial Sketch for the design and my Dad and Stepmom checking out the wood at Home Depot.

My sketch and photo reference for the mantle. I wanted mine kinda skinny since my living room isn’t huge. All in all – we spent about $130 on some really nice wood for the mantle. We got it cut down at Home Depot (they do it for free) so it would fit in the car and then we were off to get started!

The frame and the final product. And yes, I'm actually cutting stuff - I like learning how to work all the tools.

We slowly put the frame together – followed by the panels. Dad came up with a pretty ingenious way to showcase the joints by routing out all along the edges of the frame so the panels “rested” into them. The end result was some extra details in the design. The above shot was taken before we had the rest of the decorative trim on which you’ll see….. in the next post! We did some finishing nails to hold the panels in and wood glue for extra support.

Next up is part 2 with priming and distressing.

(Not sure how much you want to read on the details but I’m happy to answer any questions about what we did 🙂 )

Happy Tuesday 🙂


Beginning of Summer

It’s official. Summer has started for me. This weekend was full of eating outside on patios with the hubbs, running outside and taking a stroll with my best friend eating ice-cream from Cold Stone. I also got two big projects done which I will post on later. Surprise!!

Also – my boss sent me this picture from Japan. If you don’t know already, I work for a Japanese company here in Atlanta and my boss and his family were transferred back to Tokyo. I talked about how much I wanted to go to the Cherry Blossom festival there so he sent this picture. Evidently there are over 250 of these trees lined up along this road.

How was your weekend?

Project Sunday : February

Sorry this post is so late but I wanted to show you guys what projects Julie and I have been working on. These pictures are from Month 2 of “Project Sunday”. We’re thinking of doing two Sunday’s a month (so much to do!) but more on that later…

This is Julie. She has many "roles"... my co-worker, project buddy and craigslist spouse.

Julie painting chairs... I was taking a bre-- taking photos to document the different projects... hehe

This past “Project Sunday”, Julie and I tackled painting over her green marble fireplace with a product called “Gripper” (you can find it at Home Depot). We got the can of white instead of gray but I’m sure either works. Anyway – it went on great and was super easy! The only issue we had was that some staining from the marble was coming through the paint a little so after the Gripper dried, we painted over those spots with some heavy duty Kiln’s. That seemed to do the trick and we finished it off with some interior white paint. It looks so classy now don’t you think?

Doesn't the new paint look nice? What you can't see is the green marble from before... yup, green!

You’ll notice some blue and green tape on the yellow bookcases in the background. We were trying this new tape for painting called Frog Tape. Supposedly, it’s supposed to prevent the paint from being pulled up after it dries (you all know what I’m talking about, pain!). It definitely didn’t pull up but neither did the tape! We’re going to give it another go to see if there’s some kind of finesse to pulling it off the wall properly.

Well, till next time!


The Fabric Search Continues

Morning! Wednesday is here and I’m getting excited about the weekend.

Onto another topic however: Outdoor Fabric. I’ve been all over planet earth looking for fabric for my cushions I’m recovering outside. Thought I’d post it here to see what you all think… ok. So here is a sketch I did really quickly of the pillow “arrangement”. Really original I know 🙂

Ashley's Sketch

Porch Pillow Sketch - I have about 50 of these things scribbled in my purse... lol!

And the next image is two ideas I came up with for color combinations. The wicker is kind of dirty white right now but I want to paint it a soft gray/brown.

My favorite part is the trim. My cat's are going to luv it... oh boy.

So that’s what I have stewing in my head. Which one do you all like better?

All in all I’ve been frustrated with the amount (or lack of) outdoor fabric I’ve found online. Plus – it’s all pretty pricey or unoriginal. What’s a girl to do??

Talk to you all later!


Photographing Flowers

My Flowers

Flower photos taken in my house.

Bought some flowers at our local Whole Foods today. I picked some up for my step-mom and so I thought I’d pick up some for me too! Took a few minutes to photograph them so you could have a little view of my house and see how pretty the flowers look in it. It’s kinda late in the day so the lighting was a little dark…

This was the first time using the vase. Got it as a wedding gift from our friends (from Crate and Barrel).

More posts later this week!



Projects, projects, projects…

A visit to Efe

Taken on my honeymoon in a wonderful remote town off the coast of France.

My friend Julie proposed that we put together a project list for the year and work through it together month by month. January is my month and I have about a week to get all the supplies I need to work! (we’re painting and finishing up some projects I haven’t done yet) Next month we’re painting at her place. I’ll be posting pictures for sure 🙂 Here’s my projected list so far (which will change a bit I’m sure):

(1) Jan – Painting: last bedroom wall, porch door, paint spots in hall, hallway door.

(2) March – Painting: Porch Furniture (White), paint porch ceiling.

(3) May – Pull up old carpet on porch and recover/paint with new material

(4) July – Dig trench and plant bamboo in yard for screen.

(5) Sept – Make stone walkway/path around backside of house.

(6) Dec – TBD.

Whew! Going to be quite the project list! But I’m very excited I have someone to finish it with.



Image (C) Ashley Fleishel

Projects: Decoupaged Ceiling

It’s raining and cold outside here in Atlanta. Makes me dreamy for staying indoors with a project or two. Here’s the latest that caught my attention:

Spare wall/ceiling + lots of themed scrap paper + weekend= Decoupage Project!

Ceiling with Decoupage

Ceiling with Decoupage

I navigated my way to the web to find this project featured on Mr. Peacock. Basically it lists all the instructions/materials for adhering different images onto a surface. I’m thinking of doing something in my office however my problem lies in the fact that my walls are covered in wood panels… painted… but still wood. I’m afraid the ceiling would be too much. Maybe around my light fixture….

john derian’s decoupaged entry hall from 1st dibs style compass

Here’s another piece of eye candy.  I guess this would also be a decoupage of sorts… or would it be considered wallpaper?