Art Prints worth a frame (or two)

I’ve been looking for some illustrations to frame over my new mantle. I’d gathered such a long list I thought I’d share it with you all!

Here is a list of etsy artists, illustrators, and photographers who have some real talent and an interesting niche… check them out! They are definitely worth some perusing! Just click on the store banners to start shopping 🙂

Yellena has some great abstract detailed illustration work.

Vintage inspired photographs

I love the vintage prints of old cameras!

Sweet illustrations with lots of details

Beautiful illustrations.. very dreamy 🙂

Fashionable & feminine mixed-media prints

sweet little illustrations 😀

Love her! feminine and emotional photography

cute, cute, and.... oh yeah... cute. I want the bunny 🙂

nature illustration with a lightness about it

Etsy: Wreaths

With Christmas and New Years long gone now – my outside door feels strangely empty. What to do? Well what about a year round wreath?







I’ve learned that a year round wreath is kinda hard to come by. I like the bird one a lot but am worried about what the elements might do it.

Does anyone else have any front door decoration ideas? Something you’re doing now that looks cute?

Chau! Happy Friday!!

Etsy: vol25

Well I hope everyone else is having a great Friday. Mine is off to an interesting start! I lost control on some ice this morning and 360’d my way through some cars (didn’t hit anyone though). Whew! Anyway… I’d like to share the whimsical prints from vol25’s Etsy Shop! So cute and fun don’t you think? I love the range of type used… but then again I have a serious attraction to Typography!!


Hmmm... my fav is the clouds I think 🙂

Have a great weekend! — Ashley


For those of you that love Etsy – you might find this funny… it’s a site called Regretsy. Basically – people submit crafts/handmade items that are either hilariously awful or just not made well enough to sell. The tagline says it all: Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet.

Check it out for a good laugh. One example? The Michael Jackson cat toy.

Happy Wednesday!!