Photo Prop Oldie or Goodie? Balloons!

I have a shoot coming up and I’ve been thinking location, props, etc… and it got me thinking about giant balloons. Are they over-used at this point? Or if cleverly placed, are they still ok?

So what do you guys think?

I’ll see if I end up using them or not… I have to locate them too – I don’t think they sell the large ones just anywhere. Anyway.. I’m off! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

~~ Ashley


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Free Things to Do in the Summertime…

Free things I enjoy in the summer… there are so many 🙂 Hopefully this will spark up some of your own.

Flikr Commons - from the Library of Congress

—————- read an old favorite book

———— watch a movie

————— work on a project

—————— draw

—————- listen to music

———————– go through your clothes

——————————— walk with a friend

—————————- play with my cats

——————— rearrange a room

————————- sit in the sun

—————————— follow some train tracks

——- take a camera and go somewhere new