April Already?

So April 1st arrived so fast and I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done this week… so in an attempt to make up for lost time, I’m forming a “top 5 to-do” list for this month:

1) Finish my office.

2) Start running again

3) Get to work on my portfolio site

4) Cook new dishes

5) Hang with friends and get out of the house!

And now for a completely unrelated topic, I stumbled upon a design firm based out of Washington called Design Army. I thought I’d share a couple of their beautiful book pages for the Washington Ballet.

Adobe has a video feature of this project up on their website. It’s so cool to watch how a professional design company puts all this together 🙂

Till then –


Beginnings of 2010

Looking out my office window.

Staying Warm

I apologize dear blog for the neglect over the Christmas holiday. My job gave us almost two weeks off so I was busy sewing, painting, and drawing while I had the precious time available.  The new hubbs and I are going over to my parents for dinner soon so I have to make this a quick stop for now… just been thinking about my goals for the new year and projects I still haven’t completed! Today I’ve been running through a list of my resolutions for the early part of the year:

1. Find fabric and recover the sad little chair in my living room. (I got upholstery tools for Christmas yey!)

2. Play more with photography and start taking my camera everywhere with me.

3. Actually do something with the photos I take! Share them and don’t leave everything on the memory card…

4. Start a “reflections” series of photographs possibly incorporated with mixed media. I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s slowly formulating in my head.

5. Practica espanol mas. (Practice Spanish more.)

6. Follow through with what I say I’m going to do… limit who I say “yes” too.

7. Sign up for my 5Ks as they become available – I really enjoy running and I don’t want to miss out 🙂

8. Zone out in interesting places 😛

Ok! Feeling good about this! Anyone have any similar items on their list?



(Photo by Ashley Fleishel)