Beauty in Old Spaces

Ughh! I can’t sleep and I have to work tomorrow… what’s up with that? Anyway, my mind has been a little preoccupied with an old abandoned house that I think they are tearing down (it’s on my way home from work). In case you didn’t know, I have a thing for old houses. I’ve been known to wander onto properties to look in dusty windows and peak into overgrown gardens. Being in Atlanta – mostly we have our share of southern “plantation style” houses. I have a few pictures I’ve taken but most of the time I have to make special trips back at the right time of day.

Candler Mansion

Taken inside the Candler Mansion in Atlanta, GA.

This post features a photograph from one of my favorite Atlanta treasures… the old Candler Mansion. Here’s a bit about the property from Emory University:

“The property, a 42-acre estate, now designated a national historic site, was once home to the elegant Candler Mansion and greenhouses built in 1920 by Asa Candler Jr., son of the Coca-Cola founder. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine the zoo animals that once roamed the property and eventually became the first occupants of Atlanta’s zoo—an elephant parading by the swimming pool perhaps, a giraffe peering over the long stone wall on Briarcliff Road. In the evening, party-goers frequently danced the night away in the third-floor ballroom.”

How cool is that right? It’s completely boarded up now but I can only imagine it in its glory days.  If you guys want to see some more pictures let me know and I can post a few.

Anyway – the point of this post is that I’m kinda giving myself a reminder to go get some pictures of this other property before it’s torn down… sad.

Good night! Going to try to sleep.

— Ashley

Photo taken by Ashley Fleishel