Photo Prop Oldie or Goodie? Balloons!

I have a shoot coming up and I’ve been thinking location, props, etc… and it got me thinking about giant balloons. Are they over-used at this point? Or if cleverly placed, are they still ok?

So what do you guys think?

I’ll see if I end up using them or not… I have to locate them too – I don’t think they sell the large ones just anywhere. Anyway.. I’m off! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

~~ Ashley


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Contrasting Trim on Light Walls

I’ve been looking at my collection of pictures in my design arsenal and they all have white walls (well 90%). It got me thinking – I have no white walls in my house, maybe it’s time to paint some! The only room I have complete (no husband interference) in is my office. To dress up the room a little I thought why not paint the trim a contrasting shade while I have the brushes out. So here’s some inspiration of what I’m thinking color-wise:

I’m also really into black and white stripe rugs for some reason. I’ll have to do a post on that later to show you what I’m talking about. Anyway – I’m off to Home Depot later to get my paint. Now that I’ve made up my mind on this one I’ll be looking at furniture finishes for my desk and chair project coming up.

Till then! ~ Ashley

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Free Things to Do in the Summertime…

Free things I enjoy in the summer… there are so many 🙂 Hopefully this will spark up some of your own.

Flikr Commons - from the Library of Congress

—————- read an old favorite book

———— watch a movie

————— work on a project

—————— draw

—————- listen to music

———————– go through your clothes

——————————— walk with a friend

—————————- play with my cats

——————— rearrange a room

————————- sit in the sun

—————————— follow some train tracks

——- take a camera and go somewhere new

Top 5 European Cities to Photograph

When I was younger – I would travel all over the world with my dad on the weekends. He is a pilot for Delta Airlines and so I traveled for free till I graduated from college. Well – it’s been a few years since I finished school and we always swore we’d still go on the occasional Father-Daughter trip when we could. Unfortunately – I got a job at a company where I only have one vacation day to use where ever I please… so it’s been a little hectic.

This leads me to this post. We have finally scheduled a long weekend in May to go someplace in Europe… and I have to pick where we’re going. Something I really enjoy when I travel is taking pictures of what I see, so it is really important to me to pick a place that has a lot of charm for me to capture through my lens. My top pick is Paris of course… but unfortunately as a non-rev (non-revenue) passenger, the French employees at the airport really could care less if you got on or not. My dad has taken off with empty seats on the plane and people left at the airport in Paris… not a good call.

So which of these five would you all recommend?


I’ve actually been to Prague but it was for a friends wedding and we only spent an afternoon in the city itself. I’d love to go back and really explore. The city looks so pretty with all the bridges and spires.


I went to London a few times when my Aunt lived there but I never got any pictures b/c at the time I wasn’t into travel photography. Mostly my Dad and I would fly in, grab my Aunt and go to a play somewhere. Eat dinner and fly back the next day. What I wouldn’t give to go back and get some Indian food… yumm! Not to mention the wonderful accents 🙂


I haven’t been here but my Dad has and he said it’s beautiful. Rolling hills and a lot of history. I’m a little worried about the weather. Might have to look that up. I’d definitely look forward to some hiking to get some great skyline photos.


I hadn’t seen pictures of this place till I started looking but isn’t it cute? I’m a sucker for a city by water… anyway. My Dad recommended this city. I haven’t been obviously. Looks like it could definitely be worth a trip don’t you think?


I’ve been to Venice once (for the weekend with my Dad) about… 2 years ago. It is my favorite Italian city by far! Nowhere else can you walk around a city that is so mysterious and beautiful at the same time. I’d love to go again and do a “doorway” series of photographs b/c the architecture there is simply gorgeous.

So there are my top five (in no order). Each has a different appeal and I can’t decide where we should go!! What do you think?

Looking forward to some ideas! Thanks friends 🙂


Blog Self-Portrait

My throat hurts! Oww…. went to the doctor today and turns out I have some kind of viral infection. Fun! Anyway – I’m on meds now and am hoping for a speedy recovery.

I took some time today after I got home to put together my homework for week three of my blog course. It’s sort of a self-portrait of what our blog is supposed to be about. The fun part is that I don’t realize what exactly is going to make it onto the design or not. So my final elements pleasantly surprised me! It’s a little travel, a little photography and a lot of home-made. We were supposed to use a manila folder but I always jot stuff down in my sketchbook I keep handy and decided that would be more appropriate for this. Enjoy!

A self-portrait

A few details if you’re interested:

1) The handwritten letter is from my step-mom Mignon. She has given me some of the best letters and puts so much thought into them.

2) The sketches are some quick ones I had lying around. The colored costume is a concept I was working on for a Mad Hatter costume… more burlesque though 🙂

3) The pad of paper to the right is an old exposure recording notebook my Mom gave to me when I was first learning about cameras.

4) Colored pencils are my quick medium of choice when I’m sketching out an idea or drawing. They’re always lying around on my desk.

5) The photographs are from various places I’ve been. The coins are also from different travels.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s folders!

If you’ve ever wondered about set design…

As a girl who likes to play with her camera – I’ve often wondered about set design and how to put them together. Well I was checking out a fellow blogger (Stylish Holmes) today and she mentioned this website: Sasa Antic. I started clicking around and couldn’t believe how great the portfolio was. I decided the general splendor must go on. Really – take a minute to check out some of these sets… they – are – gorgeous.


I hope they can inspire a little interior change or two. For me it makes my new camera I’m getting in a few weeks that much better… can’t wait!

Chau friends.


Some Outdoor Living Space Please….

The esposo and I have a great screened in porch off of the kitchen that I love to sit outside in during the Summer. I’ve been tackling other rooms in the house and now my eye is set on this one. Right now – I’m trying to find inspiration b/c I’m a little confused as to what I want to do… My parents gave us some wicker furniture so I’d like to recover/paint it so it looks new… just not sure on the colors. Usually after I’ve gathered research – I can see a color scheme forming.

Domino Mag Outdoors

Domino Mag 2

Most of these images I found are from Domino. I wish daily that that magazine was still in circulation. Sigh….