Projects, projects, projects…

A visit to Efe

Taken on my honeymoon in a wonderful remote town off the coast of France.

My friend Julie proposed that we put together a project list for the year and work through it together month by month. January is my month and I have about a week to get all the supplies I need to work! (we’re painting and finishing up some projects I haven’t done yet) Next month we’re painting at her place. I’ll be posting pictures for sure 🙂 Here’s my projected list so far (which will change a bit I’m sure):

(1) Jan – Painting: last bedroom wall, porch door, paint spots in hall, hallway door.

(2) March – Painting: Porch Furniture (White), paint porch ceiling.

(3) May – Pull up old carpet on porch and recover/paint with new material

(4) July – Dig trench and plant bamboo in yard for screen.

(5) Sept – Make stone walkway/path around backside of house.

(6) Dec – TBD.

Whew! Going to be quite the project list! But I’m very excited I have someone to finish it with.



Image (C) Ashley Fleishel