Decor Ideas: Fireplaces Faux and Real

I have a lovely blank wall in my living room.  Yes – completely empty of any focal detail what-so-ever. If you ask my friends they’ll tell you I’ve been talking about a fireplace mantle ever since we bought the house. I keep running around to antique stores but I can’t find the right one. They’re either too big, too old, or even too new! I’ve been collecting some images of fireplaces to give me some idea of styles, what to put in front of them, and colors.

Here’s my little collection so far… I’ll post some more as I have them. I keep thinking I should just ask my dad to help me make one – he’s awesome when it comes to making things.

Image Credits: Most of these are from the late Domino Magazine. The other’s I just have in my collection. If anyone can give proper credit or knows where some of the others are from, please let me know! Thanks!

Did you see the fifth one down? I would love a fireplace in my kitchen. *melt!*

Best wishes!


Atlanta Web Design Group – My first meeting starring Jason Beaird

Principles of Beautiful Web Design

One of the great things about the city of Atlanta is the wide variety of things to do and be apart of. For example – a friend of mine introduced me to the Atlanta Web Design Group. Interested, my friend and the hubs got in the car this evening and drove over for my first meeting. Jason Beaird was speaking and though I had never heard of him – I was pleasantly surprised that he reminded me of something I had completely forgotten from my days as an art student:

1. Inspiration doesn’t have to come from a computer screen.

I know… you’re shaking your head thinking “Well duh!” But I really had stopped using this basic practice of the creative mind. When I was still fresh out of art college I would look at EVERYTHING. Driving on the highway – checking out how the concrete blocks formed a honeycomb pattern as I flew by. Gazing down my hallway -the texture of my old paneled walls against the smooth contrasting black of the picture frames.  I mean everything! Where am I going with this? Well I’m just trying to embed this idea into my brain so I don’t forget again!

2. Bauhaus is one of my favorite art styles in history and I’d completely forgotten about it! Jeez! Bauhaus was started by a German art school in the early 1900’s. It’s usually very linear and simple. The cool thing is it’s an approach to all forms of deisng – painting, architecture, graphic design even photography. There’s just something about it… what do you think?

Josef Albers - Three Designs for a Flag for the Bauhaus Exhibition 1923

Josef Albers - Armchair for Hans Ludwig and Marguerite Oeser, Berlin 1928

László Moholy-Nagy Construction AL6 1933–4

Not sure what it is but I really love this style… and I haven’t even gotten to see all that much of it! I hope I’ll someday be able to go to the museum in Berlin… till then!

Sunday I’m starting my Project Day with my co-worker Julie. We’re alternating months and I get the first one. I’ll post pics 🙂 Thanks everyone. Etsy Friday tomorrow so hope you’re looking forward to it.