Driving in Britain :: Day 4

We didn’t have internet last night at our bed and breakfast so I was sort of stuck on the blogging front. But to sum up the day – we started out by picking up the car at the airport. I’ll admit I was a little scared of driving but it turned out not to be as bad as I thought it was going to be. It’s still a little weird to drive on the left – and have the stick on the left… but all in all I got it pretty quick (Joey did have to occasionally remind me on the smaller roads to “get on the left!”. Anyway – we got a late start and started driving down to Alnwick to see the castle there. We took a road than ran along the coastline and it was beautiful. We stopped for a long lunch in a tiny village which put us into Alwick with only an hour to run through the castle. While it was really pretty (and well kept) we were a little disappointed that the “Harry Potter” bit wasn’t pushed more (but can we blame them? The castle was built in the 12th century… Harry Potter was filmed in 2001).

We drove the rest of the evening to our B&B in a little medieval town called Hexham. The house we stayed in was HUGE and gorgeous and had only two rooms for guests. We ate the most delicious Indian food and went back to the B&B to sleep. Unfortunately between my sudden allergic reaction to Britain and the B&B owner’s son playing his music overhead from 3am till 7am – I got almost no sleep 😦 And Joey was up because I had to keep getting up and blowing my nose so often.

My laptop is about to die so I have to go… 😦 But I’ll be sure and update what happened today tomorrow… I know 🙂 Confusing.

Haggis & Beer :: Day 1

So we made it to Edinburgh – after a few gate switches in Amsterdam and a late flight from Atlanta. So far we navigated the bus system successfully and had an excellent dinner at Salisbury Arms (recommended to us as a local spot from our friendly host). Had I not been afraid of being “that tourist” I would have taken a picture of the decor as I couldn’t stop staring at it all.

Of course – we completed the evening with our first cappuccino here in Scotland. It did not disappoint.

If you’re wondering how Joey reacted to the surprise trip, I’ll tell you that when I told him we were going to Scotland he looked at me for a second… then said “But what’s in Edinburgh?” I think he started to get it once we were on the bus in the city. Pictures cannot quite describe the impressive castle overlooking the main square – or the random bits of dark imposing gothic architecture. We’re going sightseeing tomorrow so you’ll see a few pictures then.