Top 5 European Cities to Photograph

When I was younger – I would travel all over the world with my dad on the weekends. He is a pilot for Delta Airlines and so I traveled for free till I graduated from college. Well – it’s been a few years since I finished school and we always swore we’d still go on the occasional Father-Daughter trip when we could. Unfortunately – I got a job at a company where I only have one vacation day to use where ever I please… so it’s been a little hectic.

This leads me to this post. We have finally scheduled a long weekend in May to go someplace in Europe… and I have to pick where we’re going. Something I really enjoy when I travel is taking pictures of what I see, so it is really important to me to pick a place that has a lot of charm for me to capture through my lens. My top pick is Paris of course… but unfortunately as a non-rev (non-revenue) passenger, the French employees at the airport really could care less if you got on or not. My dad has taken off with empty seats on the plane and people left at the airport in Paris… not a good call.

So which of these five would you all recommend?


I’ve actually been to Prague but it was for a friends wedding and we only spent an afternoon in the city itself. I’d love to go back and really explore. The city looks so pretty with all the bridges and spires.


I went to London a few times when my Aunt lived there but I never got any pictures b/c at the time I wasn’t into travel photography. Mostly my Dad and I would fly in, grab my Aunt and go to a play somewhere. Eat dinner and fly back the next day. What I wouldn’t give to go back and get some Indian food… yumm! Not to mention the wonderful accents 🙂


I haven’t been here but my Dad has and he said it’s beautiful. Rolling hills and a lot of history. I’m a little worried about the weather. Might have to look that up. I’d definitely look forward to some hiking to get some great skyline photos.


I hadn’t seen pictures of this place till I started looking but isn’t it cute? I’m a sucker for a city by water… anyway. My Dad recommended this city. I haven’t been obviously. Looks like it could definitely be worth a trip don’t you think?


I’ve been to Venice once (for the weekend with my Dad) about… 2 years ago. It is my favorite Italian city by far! Nowhere else can you walk around a city that is so mysterious and beautiful at the same time. I’d love to go again and do a “doorway” series of photographs b/c the architecture there is simply gorgeous.

So there are my top five (in no order). Each has a different appeal and I can’t decide where we should go!! What do you think?

Looking forward to some ideas! Thanks friends 🙂