Castles and Lochs :: Day 3

Today we took a tour of the highlands (or lowlands should I say…  Scotland is actually quite huge). Our guide was a true Scott – very patriotic about his country and it’s history. I think the passengers on the bus were afraid he was going to run off the road several times with all his pounding on the dash and waving at the map of Scotland pinned onto the ceiling of the bus.

All in all – we saw some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever scene… and I understand it gets better as you go farther north. We visited three castles and saw several lochs (lakes) and mountains. Joey remarked that it’s like people up and moved out leaving everything behind hundreds of years ago – I would agree with that one. It feels totally free and wild 🙂

Cappuccino Madness :: Day 2

Day 2 of our trip in Great Britain – we took a bus into the Edinburgh for some sightseeing. Started off at the castle and caught a great free tour. The castle dates back from 800 BC and has been added to over the centuries – it’s pretty impressive sitting on top of a hill overlooking the city (like a medieval castle should). We grabbed some cappuccinos and lunch in the castle then headed out to explore the gardens & streets below.

After a full hike around the city we took our tired feet home and relaxed for a bit before going back out to eat at a Thai restaurant I looked up on Google maps. I’d like to take a moment to thank Google for the ability to look up a restaurant in a foreign country AND tell if it’s any good before wasting money. THANK YOU Google! Because it was delish 🙂

Haggis & Beer :: Day 1

So we made it to Edinburgh – after a few gate switches in Amsterdam and a late flight from Atlanta. So far we navigated the bus system successfully and had an excellent dinner at Salisbury Arms (recommended to us as a local spot from our friendly host). Had I not been afraid of being “that tourist” I would have taken a picture of the decor as I couldn’t stop staring at it all.

Of course – we completed the evening with our first cappuccino here in Scotland. It did not disappoint.

If you’re wondering how Joey reacted to the surprise trip, I’ll tell you that when I told him we were going to Scotland he looked at me for a second… then said “But what’s in Edinburgh?” I think he started to get it once we were on the bus in the city. Pictures cannot quite describe the impressive castle overlooking the main square – or the random bits of dark imposing gothic architecture. We’re going sightseeing tomorrow so you’ll see a few pictures then.



Sope Creek Photo Day

These are some images I took (well – except for the one with me in it… my mom took that) from this past weekend. My mom, brother, and I always were talking about going out together so I decided we should go to the ruins at Sope Creek for our first “photo outing”. It was a lot of fun and the weather cleared up for the few hours we were out 🙂

Sope Creek Photography
Sope Creek Photography 2

The ruins are near Terrill Mill Rd in Marietta, Georgia. They are some of the larger ruins of creek mills in the area that you can climb in (and still feels like a secret hideaway). During the period from 1850 to 1940, a paper mill, twine plant, flourmill and hydroelectric power plant occupied the area about one mile long. If you haven’t been – I highly recommend a visit 🙂

Anyone else do anything fun over the weekend?

Beginning of Summer

It’s official. Summer has started for me. This weekend was full of eating outside on patios with the hubbs, running outside and taking a stroll with my best friend eating ice-cream from Cold Stone. I also got two big projects done which I will post on later. Surprise!!

Also – my boss sent me this picture from Japan. If you don’t know already, I work for a Japanese company here in Atlanta and my boss and his family were transferred back to Tokyo. I talked about how much I wanted to go to the Cherry Blossom festival there so he sent this picture. Evidently there are over 250 of these trees lined up along this road.

How was your weekend?

Project Sunday : February

Sorry this post is so late but I wanted to show you guys what projects Julie and I have been working on. These pictures are from Month 2 of “Project Sunday”. We’re thinking of doing two Sunday’s a month (so much to do!) but more on that later…

This is Julie. She has many "roles"... my co-worker, project buddy and craigslist spouse.

Julie painting chairs... I was taking a bre-- taking photos to document the different projects... hehe

This past “Project Sunday”, Julie and I tackled painting over her green marble fireplace with a product called “Gripper” (you can find it at Home Depot). We got the can of white instead of gray but I’m sure either works. Anyway – it went on great and was super easy! The only issue we had was that some staining from the marble was coming through the paint a little so after the Gripper dried, we painted over those spots with some heavy duty Kiln’s. That seemed to do the trick and we finished it off with some interior white paint. It looks so classy now don’t you think?

Doesn't the new paint look nice? What you can't see is the green marble from before... yup, green!

You’ll notice some blue and green tape on the yellow bookcases in the background. We were trying this new tape for painting called Frog Tape. Supposedly, it’s supposed to prevent the paint from being pulled up after it dries (you all know what I’m talking about, pain!). It definitely didn’t pull up but neither did the tape! We’re going to give it another go to see if there’s some kind of finesse to pulling it off the wall properly.

Well, till next time!


Top 5 European Cities to Photograph

When I was younger – I would travel all over the world with my dad on the weekends. He is a pilot for Delta Airlines and so I traveled for free till I graduated from college. Well – it’s been a few years since I finished school and we always swore we’d still go on the occasional Father-Daughter trip when we could. Unfortunately – I got a job at a company where I only have one vacation day to use where ever I please… so it’s been a little hectic.

This leads me to this post. We have finally scheduled a long weekend in May to go someplace in Europe… and I have to pick where we’re going. Something I really enjoy when I travel is taking pictures of what I see, so it is really important to me to pick a place that has a lot of charm for me to capture through my lens. My top pick is Paris of course… but unfortunately as a non-rev (non-revenue) passenger, the French employees at the airport really could care less if you got on or not. My dad has taken off with empty seats on the plane and people left at the airport in Paris… not a good call.

So which of these five would you all recommend?


I’ve actually been to Prague but it was for a friends wedding and we only spent an afternoon in the city itself. I’d love to go back and really explore. The city looks so pretty with all the bridges and spires.


I went to London a few times when my Aunt lived there but I never got any pictures b/c at the time I wasn’t into travel photography. Mostly my Dad and I would fly in, grab my Aunt and go to a play somewhere. Eat dinner and fly back the next day. What I wouldn’t give to go back and get some Indian food… yumm! Not to mention the wonderful accents 🙂


I haven’t been here but my Dad has and he said it’s beautiful. Rolling hills and a lot of history. I’m a little worried about the weather. Might have to look that up. I’d definitely look forward to some hiking to get some great skyline photos.


I hadn’t seen pictures of this place till I started looking but isn’t it cute? I’m a sucker for a city by water… anyway. My Dad recommended this city. I haven’t been obviously. Looks like it could definitely be worth a trip don’t you think?


I’ve been to Venice once (for the weekend with my Dad) about… 2 years ago. It is my favorite Italian city by far! Nowhere else can you walk around a city that is so mysterious and beautiful at the same time. I’d love to go again and do a “doorway” series of photographs b/c the architecture there is simply gorgeous.

So there are my top five (in no order). Each has a different appeal and I can’t decide where we should go!! What do you think?

Looking forward to some ideas! Thanks friends 🙂